Bingley Grammar School

Anti-bullying Week Assemblies

Over the past week Yr 7 and 8 have been visited by singers and bands in their assemblies to deliver an important message.

Last week the band 'The Half Eight' performed for Yr 7 and spoke to them about cyberbullying and staying safe on social media. They spoke about privacy settings and looking out for eachother online - an important message we repeat regularly to our students. The Half Eight also told students about how to deal with cyber bullying and gave out the contact information for several helpful organisations:, Childline - 0800 11 11.
For more information and advice visit our Support and Wellbeing page on the school website.

Yesterday it was Year 8's turn to watch Smashby perform and deliver his message about bullying. Smashby was bullied throughout his school years and feels strongly that we should all be allowed to be ourselves without fear of bullying. Smashby has recorded the song True Colours as an anti-bullying message and asked his fans to get involved and support his 'I'm Not Afraid' campaign, some of which feature in his video.

Thank you to both acts for coming into school - the students really enjoyed your performances and we appreciate your positive messages.

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