Bingley Grammar School

Annual Immunisations Schedule

Our medical Needs Coordinator, Miss Parker, has put together a brief update regarding the annual immunisation campaigns due in school this year. 


Please keep in mind that this is only a rough plan at this stage and could change at any time but we will try to keep Parents/Carers and Students informed as and when we get any further information.

The Immunisation Team are currently in the process of organising the 2nd dose of the HPV vaccine that should have been completed in March 2020 and also establishing how many of the School Leaver Boosters were missed at the same time due to the school closures.

As soon as schools return this year Miss Parker will be sending out consent forms for the following:

  • School Leaver Booster consent forms for Current Year 9’s & 10's in March/April. These should be returned within 7 days. 
  •  1st Doses of HPV for the Year 8’s that were meant to be administered in September 2020. These will now take place at the same time as the 1st dose for the now year 7’s who will be going into Year 8 this coming September.
  • Regarding the Year 7 flu immunisations, the Immunisation Team will be contacting parents/carers directly to see if you would like to book an appointment for your child at one of our clinics. Alternatively you can call 01274 221203 to make an appointment.

Please feel free to call Miss Parker on the school number below or email if you have any questions.

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