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A Healthier You

Last Wednesday our Restaurant held a fantastic event called 'A Healthier You' offering students a chance to try new foods and have a health check whilst there.

Catering Academy's Nutritionist Louise Goodall said,

"The event was focused on increasing knowledge and awareness of healthy eating amongst the students. We drew special attention to promoting the uptake of fruits and vegetables with a range of free salads for students to try and with the use of the 'smoothie bike'."

The smoothie bike was a great hit with the students! It encouraged some healthy competition and is a great tool for helping our students learn to love fruit. For both the salads and the smoothies, recipe cards were provided so that the students could take them away and try them at home!

Students in all year groups had the opportunity to measure their blood pressure to raise conversation about the link between diet and blood pressure. We looked at the amount of sugar within various popular soft drinks that are available in shops and discussed the consequences of a diet high in sugar. There were also leaflets and booklets available which looked at healthier eating and quick changes you can make within your diet.

Louise said,

"We carry our eating habits with us from adolescence through to adulthood and it is so important that healthy eating habits are established during these teen years. Having this healthier lifestyle reinforced within a school setting every day will further assist in ensuring the students develop into healthier adults. I love that I can meet with students and facilitate this within the schools we cater for through my job role with Catering Academy.

The students were great today - very enthusiastic and keen to try out new things!"

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Salad and Fruit Smoothie Menus

Smoothie Bike

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