Bingley Grammar School

51 'Postcards of Praise'
for Mr Barker

We are often asked why our school has toilet attendants in the main girls and boys toilets – Chris and Pam are valued members of the site team who keep the facilities clean throughout the day for our students and also play an important role in the pastoral care we offer in school.

Each year, as part of our wellbeing activities, we give students and staff the opportunity to send 'postcards of praise' to someone who has made a difference to their year at school.

So far Chris (Mr Barker) has received 51 postcards from students who really appreciate his cheerful and supportive nature. Below are a few of the messages of thanks Chris has received,

“You have been so kind and helpful whenever I go to the toilet. I enjoy having chats with you. Thank you for being there for me.”

“You’re like an older brother to me.”

“You always keep the toilets clean and never fuss. Also you are kind to everyone and make everyone happy.”

“The behaviour in the boy’s toilet is excellent and I just want to say thank you.”

“You are such a positive person and you make my day positive.”

"You are funny and always talk about my favourite team Bradford City."

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