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Geography Waste Management Trip to Leeds RERF

At the end of May Mr Conboy, Mr Ward, Mrs Ridley and student teacher Mr Nunn took students to visit the Leeds RERF (Recycling and Energy Recover Facility) to find out what happens to all of our waste.

The students were mixed ages with some Year 10s who will be studying this at GCSE and the Achievement Centre who have recently done a project in class all about waste.

We found out that all household waste across Leeds which cannot be recycled is sent for incineration. We learnt that the RERF will still try to recover 10% for recycling before the rest is sent for incineration. Like a coal fired power station, the waste acts in a similar way and once burned steam is generated which can provide enough electricity to power 22,000 homes. The RERF attempts to capture most of the carbon before it enters the atmosphere once the incineration is complete. The RERF also includes Europe’s largest living wall with the side of the building covered in plants home to many species.

The RERF also told us that reusing waste like plastic and reducing our consumption of it is better for the environment. The visit to the RERF had certainly not been a waste of our time – but was in fact an enjoyable and informative trip about what happens to all of our waste once it ends up in the bin.

The RERF staff were very complimentary and said the students were an absolute credit to BGS!

Mr Conboy.

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