Bingley Grammar School

Online Dictionary and Thesaurus

Mrs Varley would like to share these useful online tools with our remote learners:

Hello, I'd like to take some of the elbow grease out of home schooling by gifting you with two valuable resources.

Dictionaries and thesauruses are two extremely underrated tools. They are student must haves. A writer's most powerful tools besides pen and paper are their dictionary and thesaurus. Here are links to reliable, free, online dictionaries and thesauruses to assist you in your studies whilst at home.

Cambridge Dictionary and Thesaurus - -

A couple of rules of thumb:

If you're ever in doubt about a key word or the context of a word in a sentence, look it up in a dictionary. Understanding its meaning can often help a concept drop into place. You will be surprised what gaps in knowledge you can fill by performing this simple act and just how much your knowledge will expand. 

When writing, if you find yourself using the same word over and over, use your thesaurus to look up the word you keep repeating and find an alternative. Be careful to ensure that the word you have chosen as a replacement still fits the context. Your thesaurus will help you to determine this.

I hope these tools help and can create a new array of much needed skills. Stay safe and well and keep on learning.

Mrs Varley
Librarian/Cover Supervisor