Bingley Grammar School

Library Rules

Lost Books

You should see the librarian immediately if you lose your book. If you cannot find it, you will be asked to pay the replacement cost of the book.

Please Note: Any item left in the library is left at your own risk. It's best to take your belongings with you.

Lost Property

Lost property will be held at the library counter temporarily, to allow the person who has lost the item to return to the Library to pick it up. After a period, at the Librarian's discretion, the item will be taken to Lost Property in Student Reception.

Being Quiet in the Library

It is understood that libraries will always have a low level of noise, therefore the general policy for being quiet in the library is that low level, quiet general discussion is acceptable, however other library users must always be considered first. When levels of noise become too high, the librarian will direct users to be quieter.

The library is for studying and anyone not studying in lesson time or during Sixth Form study periods, will either be asked to get on with their studies, or leave and find an alternative appropriate venue.

More flexibility for relaxation and general chatting are built in before school, at break time and lunchtime. However, some students will still be studying due to the lunch periods being split, therefore consideration noise level must always been taken into account.

Eating and Drinking

Strictly no food or drinks of all descriptions, including water in the library. All food and drinks must be consumed before entering the library. Anyone caught eating or drinking in the Library will be politely asked either to put it away or leave.

Mobile Phones & Music

You can use your mobile phone to listen to music, using headphones. Playing games is discouraged in the Library except during break and lunchtime. You must always keep the volume turned down when either listening to music or playing a game in your break. Always be considerate of other and do not make phone calls in the library.

Charging Mobile Phones

You are not allowed to plug your mobile phone into the school's electricity supply, even via the computers. This also applies to other personal electrical equipment.

Personal Electrical Equipment

Library users are not allowed to plug their personal electrical equipment into the school's electricity supply, without exception. This includes mobile phones and other electrical items. There is no facility provided at school for the charging of any personal electrical equipment.

Use of Library Computers - Reporting broken equipment

Sixth form students and staff can use the computer suite in the library. Library users are not allowed to attempt to fix faulty computer equipment under any circumstances. If computer hardware isn't working, users must report the fault to the Librarian, who will report the fault to the I.T. Department staff. Bingley Grammar School can charge anyone who damages equipment, whilst attempting to fix it, for the full cost of repair. Therefore, equipment should only be dealt with by authorised personnel only.

Moving Furniture in the Library

Always approach the Librarian before moving furniture in the Library, but within reason, chairs can be moved around to accommodate the seating of larger groups, who need to sit together in the main library section. The librarian will attend to moving any furniture that needs to be moved. Please don't do it yourself.

Due to the lack of room in the Sixth Form computer area, a safe exit route has to be maintained, so the chairs must remain in place in the Sixth Form area and Mac computer suite.

Extra furniture is available when the library is full. Ask at the main desk.

Your Librarian acknowledges that the day to day needs of the library space will vary and will do their best to help you.

Lessons In The Library

Occasionally, there may be lessons taking place in the library. You can still use the library, but you will need to make much less noise whilst using the facility. Please act appropriately, so that you don't disturb the other library users.

Protocol for lining up outside of classrooms

Please remember that the library is a classroom which you are passing through to get to your timetabled room.

Therefore please enter quietly, stand and wait for your teacher to arrive in silence. This is to ensure the smooth running of the library during lesson change-overs.