Bingley Grammar School

Priorities for 2018/2019

Having reviewed 2017/2018 and the successful strategies used, we are now looking forward to the next academic year and have alongside our key aims and outcomes highlighted, created key action areas for 2018/2019.

  • Personal support, mentoring, coaching of PP students.
  • Removing barriers of resource and access.
  • Going the extra mile to meet with parents who might be reluctant or have difficulty in getting in to school. (Must reach parents)
  • Providing opportunities for PP students (and others) who may find it difficult to do homework at home to do it in school
  • Review staff ‘tool kit’ to ensure fit for purpose focusing on advice for marking and assessment, seating, grouping, checking whole class understanding, deployment of LSAs, dealing with misconceptions, questioning etc
  • Consistent practical strategies across all subjects to improve literacy, oracy and, especially, exam technique
  • Increasing the consistency in approach across the HOY team for analysis, evaluation and intervention with students

As well as specific year groups where pastoral and academic data suggests disengagement with certain aspects of school life

Please see below for how the above will be addressed initially, it must be stressed this table does not reflect all aspects we are completing with individual departments having their own SIP.

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