Bingley Grammar School

School Nursing

The community school nursing service is available for students and parents of Bingley Grammar School. The nurses are employed by the NHS and regularly visit school.

The Nursing Team provides a confidential service which includes:

  • Providing you with health advice and support
  • Encouraging and enabling you to adopt a healthy lifestyle to protect you against disease
  • Promoting your confidence, self-esteem and mental health well-being
  • Providing information on a range of health related issues such as diet, healthy eating, bullying, stopping smoking, sexual health and contraception, special needs and emotional or behavourial problems
  • Protecting you from preventable diseases by immunisations
  • Assessing your individual needs, offering health advice and making referrals to other services if necessary
  • Training and support to school staff so that they can help children and young people who may need medication during the school day
  • Planning, developing and delivering public health programmes relevant to the needs of children and families within Bradford and Airedale

Who is this service for?

Children and young people of school age and their parents/carers, including children in special schools, Pupil Referral Units (PRU), special provision and also Education staff.




If you would like advice or support about your child's health or development, or you would like to know more about our service, please contact your child's school nurse through their school or alternatively ring them directly:

School Nurse Team Leader

Canalside Health Care Centre, 2 Kingsway, Bingley, Bradford, BD16 4RP

Tel: 01274 221203