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Game Changer Practical Skills

On Saturday the Food Science and Nutrition department hosted a national teacher training day on behalf of the Food Teachers Centre and The Taste of Game Association.

The tables were turned and, instead of Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Wentling teaching, they became students for the day, understanding how it feels to be part of a practical cookery class from a student’s perspective. The practical training day matched the brand new GCSE course requirements and enabled us to develop student’s knowledge and skills in how to buy, prepare, cook, present and taste game to a high level.

The aim of the day was to:

  • Understand ‘provenance/seasonality’ and how game is reared, prepared and cooked, exploring traditional British commodities/ingredients
  • Taste game, develop some recipes understand its value and uses
  • Explore its nutritional benefits and uses in a modern balanced diet.
  • Improve higher level practical skills, styling and presentation so that students can access higher marks in GCSE NEA 2 (practical tests)

15 teachers from all over the region spent the day improving their subject knowledge and practical skills led by Chef Simon Gray. The practical sessions allowed all teachers to understand ways of introducing game into the classroom enabling all students to be confident in practical skills. Throughout the day skills covered included de-boning pheasant, pasta making and game cookery with everyone making the following dishes:

  • Pheasant meatballs with sun-dried tomatoes
  • Pheasant and apple bruschetta with horseradish mayonnaise
  • Pheasant Schnitzel
  • Pheasant Ravioli with a wild mushroom sauce

 As part of the partnership Bingley Grammar has with the Food Teachers Centre and The Taste of Game, the Food Science and Nutrition department and its students will now receive free produce/ingredients from the Taste of Game Association to support students’ access the higher practical skills/marks.  This support is vital to the department and students at GCSE and Sixth Form as ingredients like fresh game can be difficult to source and fund especially on a regular basis. Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Wentling had an amazing time being students for the day and learning so much, they cannot wait to start this week with the sixth form practicing higher order practical skills.

Simon Gray said,

"Many thanks to everyone at Bingley Grammar School for such a warm welcome and their fantastic hospitality. The food Teachers Centre and the Taste of Game are proud to support food teachers’ professional development to help them deliver innovative and exciting lessons to students within their own schools using seasonal local game produce."

And here is some of the feedback we got from the visiting teachers:

“Thank you so much to Simon for inspiring us, to Bingley Grammar School for hosting us and to the amazing delegates who made it such a fantastic event.”

"Thank you Simon Gray and fellow Food Teacher colleagues for the most amazing day preparing and cooking game at the Game Changer workshop today. Thoroughly enjoyed it!”

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