Bingley Grammar School

Remote Learning during Lockdown

This page was put together to provide useful information for parent/carers whilst our students were working from home under the recent lockdown rules.


We prioritised wellbeing - this support is still being offered:

Firstly if you or your son/daughter's well-being has been affected by the COVID pandemic and they are suffering from anxiety in general or about school, please contact your son/daughters year team for further guidance. We have also put together some useful resources regarding this issue - please click the link below: 

Online Lessons and Remote Education Provision Document

Whilst schools were closed our teaching staff provided online live lessons through Google Classrooms and Google Meet. We provided parent/carers with all the information they needed regarding the home learning arrangements:

Click here to read Remote Education Provision: Information for Parents and Carers >>

If students want to contact their subject teachers directly, using their school gmail account, they can type their teachers surname into the email address bar and the teachers' email address will pop up. Our teachers will most likely have emailed all their students already so students can also just reply to a teacher’s email to contact them.

Useful Online Learning Resources

We provided links to optional lessons which could help consolidate learning and help with revision.

Click the link below for a range of resources including links to Oak Academy video lessons for each year group to help students keep up with their classwork. 

Useful Online Learning Resources >>


We provided parent/carers with a point of contact if they had any queries or concerns regarding their child's home learning.

If you have any issues then in the first instance please email your child's class teacher or email and somebody will get back to you as soon as possible.

Curriculum Information

For curriculum information and useful websites please click on the subject links below.

Subject Links:

Maths >> Art & Design >>
Statistics >> Photography >>
English >> Drama >>
Science >> Enterprise & Marketing >>
Modern Foreign Languages >> Film Studies >>
History >> Engineering >>
Religious Education >> Food Preparation & Nutrition >>
Geography >> Health & Social Care >>
Geology >> Physical Education >>
Computer Science >>