Bingley Grammar School

Religious Studies

Useful Resources and Revision Support

Our students will learn about religions in depth, exploring the relationship between belief and practice and the effect that religion and atheism has on people’s lives.

We aim to develop students’ critical thinking skills and encourage respectful dialogue and debate. We study scientific discoveries which support and challenge religious beliefs and evaluate their significance. Students are encouraged to have a real understanding of other world views and to reflect deeply on their own beliefs.


The RE department runs a number of clubs and encourages students to expand their knowledge and become involved in things they really believe in. The following clubs run afterschool throughout the week; the Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award, Amnesty Youth Group and the Philosophy club.


Year 9: End of unit assessments, mid-unit assessments

Year 10 : G.C.S.E AQA  Spec A  Religious Studies: Paper 1:  Christianity and Islam. Themes: Crime and Punishment, Human Rights, Religion and Life, The existence of God and Revelation 

Exams: 13th May, 20th May

Year 11: G.C.S.E AQA Spec A Religious Studies: Paper 1:  Christianity and Islam

Paper 2: Religion and Life, Peace and Conflict, Crime and Punishment, The Existence of God and Revelation

Curriculum Overview

Year 7

Year 8

  • Judaism : What is it like to be Jewish?

  • Christianity: Why was Jesus so important?

  • Islam: Why was the Prophet so important?

  • Other religions: Are there other religions we have never hear of?

  • Atheism - does God even exist?

  • Hinduism: Is it all about karma?

  • Buddhism: I don’t exist?

  • Sikhism: Is everyone equal?

  • Ethics: What is the right thing to do?

  • Philosophy - Is anything real?

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Topic G.C.S.E AQA A Religious Studies

  • Christian Beliefs
  • Christian Practice
  • Islamic Beliefs
  • Islamic Practice

GCSE AQA A Religious Studies Paper 2: Themes

  • Human Rights
  • Crime and Punishment
  • The existence of God and Revelation
  • Religion and Life
  • Revision
  • Crime and Punishment

  • The existence of God and Revelation

  • Revision