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Did you know adults with good literacy skills are more likely to be in work than those with lower levels of literacy: 83% compared to 55%.

90% of new vocabulary is encountered in reading and not in everyday speech. Therefore, reading is so important to be able to access the whole curriculum and to understand text books and exam paper questions in any subject, not just in English. Further on in life, reading can open doors and help you to fully understand the world around you.

I think we would all agree that reading and literacy are hugely important and at Bingley Grammar School we are committed to ensuring that each and every student has the opportunity and support to develop the necessary skills not only to access the curriculum but to provide a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

In Year 7 and 8, one English lesson a week is dedicated to Reading or Literacy skills (based on each individual class’ needs). Focussed reading support and intervention are also given for individual students.

We are passionate about promoting reading for enjoyment. As well as author visits and workshops, our World Book Day celebration is always a big talking point every year, with many competitions and activities going on to celebrate reading and our most loved books! We would encourage your child to read as much at home as possible to ameliorate their love of reading and to widen their vocabulary and understanding. You can find suggestions of books (as well as personal teacher recommendations) on this page that might be a good starting point, as well as some tips to support your child with reading at home.

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Miss H Powell

Reading Coordinator

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