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At Bingley Grammar we aim to teach students how to be independent learners, to be creative, to develop critical analysis skills, to be reflective practitioners, to cultivate self-discipline and to be intrinsically motivated. Photography aims to provide a broad and enriching artistic experience through the study of image taking.

Students will learn and apply visualisation skills, research and analyse the work of other artists, develop creative thinking and problem solving skills and learn how to experiment in order to realise their ideas and achieve successful outcomes. Students work through photographic techniques and processes, appropriate to their personal intentions, for example: lighting, viewpoint, depth of field, digital processes and exploring different genres including abstract, portrait, landscape and documentary photography. Students are encouraged to take creative risks and to be as imaginative, creative and original as possible when applying the skills they have learned.

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KS4 Exam Board Specification: AQA GCSE Art and Design: Art, Craft and Design. Photography

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Extra curricular opportunities are offered in the department on a Thursday after school where KS3, 4 and 5 students can use the facilities and access staff for any extra work they might want to complete.

The department regularly hosts visiting artists and takes students on trips to galleries or gather first source material. We hold photographic competitions throughout the year and encourage our students to engage their creativity.

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