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Personal & Social Education

Personal and Social Education addresses the five outcomes of the Every Child Matters agenda and achieves and maintains Healthy School status.

PSE educates our students on a range of topics at KS4.  The aim of the subject is for students to learn and cover topics related to personal, social and health education. Throughout all lessons students are encouraged to apply their knowledge and understanding in making decisions, promote self-development through encouraging students to be aware of their own strengths and areas for improvement. All students have the opportunity to achieve a GCSE equivalent in PSE accredited by the AQA exam board.

Students in all year groups are taught PSE every other Monday. To enhance learning guest speakers are also involved e.g. Talk on Teenage Cancer,  Islamophobia and Sexual health for example.

Students are also learning about LORIC (Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication). These lessons take place in form groups on non-CPD Monday afternoons.


All students have the opportunity to develop their LORIC skills in and out of school. Their extra-curricular activities can earn them LORIC certificates and badges.

AssessmentCreative Writing Class

In Years 9 and 10, all students are expected to complete 8 booklets on the themes listed above over the two year period (four themes per year). To be eligible for the PSE award, students must submit for assessment and moderation seven of the eight units studied. The best 7 booklets are then sent off to the exam board.  There is no exam. To pass this course all booklets must be completed fully.

Exam board and Specification information:

AQA PSE (Personal and Social Education) 5800.

Curriculum Overview

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Topic Titles for PSE:

- Personal Action Planning

- Sex and Relationship Education

- Drugs Education

- Healthy Lifestyles

Topic Titles for LORIC:

- Introduction to LORIC

- Personal growth

- Choices, Emotions

- Cyberbullying

- Mental health

- Alcohol

- Smoking

- Health risks

- Lifestyle

- Body health

- Being Active

- Healthy Eating

- Health for life

- Hydration

Topic Titles for PSE:

- Personal Safety

- Introduction to Diversity, Prejudice and Discrimination

- Sex and Relationship Education

- Personal Finance

Topic Titles for LORIC:

- Introduction to LORIC

- E-safety, Online danger and risks

- Sexting

- Online scams

- Responsibility

- Equality and Diversity

- Opportunities

- Well-being

- Connections

- My self- care

- Self-image

- Finding your happy career

- Which route?

- LM1 and how to use it

- Skills you need for work

Topic Titles for PSE:

- Learning Journey

- Goal setting

- Focus

- Healthy Eating

- Mental Health

- Advanced and Higher
  Apprenticeships and
  Degree Apprenticeships