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Did you know that the new Euro-Fighter is so unstable that is can’t even run without the computer software to run it? We live in a digitized, computerized, programmable world, and to make sense of it, we need Computer Science.

Computer Science is a part of everything we do and it enables you to solve complex and challenging problems. Computer Science opens doors to many lucrative careers, even if your primary career is something else, expertise in Computer Science will help you.

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Revision sessions are offered for students in Year 11, see revision timetable for details.

During the years students get the opportunity to take part in various competitions and visits.


For Years’ 7 and 8 after each topic they are required to sit an assessment. GCSE students will sit an assessment at the end of each unit of work. In addition to the end of unit assessments, in years 9 and 10 students will also take two programming practical assessments during the year.

For the full GCSE Computer Science specification please visit:

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Curriculum Overview

Year 7

Year 8

  • Intro - Online Safety
  • PC Basics
  • Scratch
  • History of Computing
  • Micro Bits
  • Networks

  • Python

  • Websites

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Student during year 9 will
complete the following pre-GCSE units of work in preparation for
Year 10 and 11.
  • Unit 1 - Computer Hardware, Memory & Storage

  • Unit 2 - Software & Issues in Computer Science

  • Unit 3 - Logic and Data Representation

  • Unit 4 - Algorithms and Programming Techniques

Students during year 10 will complete the following GCSE units of work:
  • Unit 1 - System Architecture, Memory and Storage

  • Unit 2 - System Software

  • Unit 3 - Data Representation

  • Unit 4 - Logic and Languages

  • Unit 5 - Basic Programming Techniques

Students during year 10 will complete the following GCSE units of work:
  • Unit 6 - Advanced Programming Techniques

  • Unit 7 - Algorithms & Robust Programs

  • Unit 8 - Networking

  • Unit 9 - Security and Issues in Computing