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Date Course Booking Link
25/01/2023 Supporting Grade 1 to 3 Click here
07/02/2023 Getting Started in Year 1 Click here
08/02/2023 Leading Primary Computing 2 day course: 8th Feb & 22nd Feb Click here
08/02/2023 Higher Attainment in Computer Science - meeting the challenges of the exams Click here
20/02/2023 Ardunio Science Journal Short Course Click here
23/02/2023 Teaching the NCC Curriculum on Chromebooks Click here
22/02/2023 Teaching GCSE Computer Science: Improving Student Engagement Click here
27/02/2023 Evidencing the NCCE Curriculum using seesaw Click here

Computing for all; A Day for Show and Tell

Click here
01/03/2023 Leading Primary Computing 2 day course Click here
01/03/2023 Python Programming Constructs Click here
07/03/2023 Getting Started in Year 2 Click here
07/03/2023 Getting Started in Year 3 Click here
08/03/2023 Getting Started in Year 4 Click here
08/03/2023 New Subject Leaders of Secondary Computing Click here
08/03/2023 Getting started in Year 3 Click here
13/03/2023 Using Canva to teach Medica in the NCCE Curriculum Click here
23/03/2023 An introduction to Tinkercad Click here
24/03/2023 An introductions to Bandlab EDU Click here
30/03/2023 Using Google Classroom to evidence the NCCE Curriculum  Click here
18/04/2023 Ardunio Science Click here
21/04/2023 Teaching the NCCE Curriculum on Chromebooks Click here
26/04/2023 Higher attainment in Computer Science - Meeting the Challenges of the Exam Click here
02/05/2023 Teaching Media Using Canva Click here
16/05/2023 Evidencing the NCCE Curriculum using Seesaw Click here
17/05/2023 An Introduction to Computer Systems, Networking and Security in Computer Science Click here
25/05/2023 Using Goggle Classroom to evidence the NCCE curriculum Click here

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