Bingley Grammar School

Our Music Department

Music_Page_PhotoBingley Grammar School has a long tradition of choirs, bands and orchestras.

Our dedicated staff run many extra-curricular music groups in the mornings before school and during form time.

We run an Orchestra, a Swing Band, a Saxophone group, a String group, a Flute group, a Percussion band, a Clarinet group, an Electric Guitar group, a Choir and our new ‘Pitch Perfect’ group. These groups all meet weekly and perform a Summer Concert, an Easter Concert and a Christmas Concert as well as showcasing their talents at our annual awards evening in December.

Students are able to take individual instrumental lessons each week on a range of instruments including: violin, cello, viola, double bass, clarinet, flute, saxophone, classical guitar, electric guitar, drums and voice.

If you are interested in learning to play a musical instrument, please see Mrs Marks in the Music Department for more information.