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GCSE Options

The aim of the options booklet is to help students choose from the option subjects available and give information about the core subjects which will be studied at Key Stage 4.

Good advice: Make your choices for the right reasons Before making your final choices, you should make sure that …

  • You read all the information you are provided
  • You will enjoy studying the subject (being careful to distinguish between your opinion of the subject and the teacher)
  • You have considered advice from your tutor and subject teachers
  • You have considered more advice from parents/carers, older brothers and sisters and older students
  • You are capable of studying the subject to examination level (Consult your current subject teachers)
  • The combined workload of all the subjects is not too easy or too difficult
  • If you have a particular career area in mind, consult with a Careers Adviser to determine if specific subjects are required

Make sure you do not choose subjects to be with your friends. The school will decide on the structure of teaching groups. Friendships will not be factor.

>> GCSE Options Booklet 2017-19

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Author Paula Rawsthorne

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