Bingley Grammar School

Year 7 Expectations

A E I O U – If you follow these guidelines you will be a success at Bingley Grammar School.

A – Attendance – We expect 100% attendance from you. Every day in school matters and every day missed is a missed opportunity.

E – Effort – We expect 100% effort from you. Even when you think you can’t do something or you don’t like a subject, it is no excuse not to try.

I – Independence – You are all growing up and gaining more independence. This is a good thing but it involves making the right decisions when it comes to friends and the amount of effort you put into your schoolwork. We will guide you as much as we can but you will have to make your own decisions.

O – Organisation – You need to be organised. It is no longer your parents/carers’ responsibility. We expect you to keep your Planner up to date, remember your sports kit on PE days, regularly check Show My Homework and always have the correct uniform.

U – Uniform – You are now a Bingley Grammar School student. We are proud to have you as our students and you should be proud to be here. Please take pride in your uniform – as you arrive to school and return home you are representing our school community. How you behave reflects not only on you as an individual but on all of us as a school.

YOU – Now it is all down to you. If YOU want to be successful YOU can at Bingley Grammar School.

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