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Welcomes YOU to the Reading Pledge page

Our aim is for every student and member of staff to read as many books as we can during the course of the year with a minimum target of three books each!

Every time you read a book, log in here and record the title. You can even add a brief review and a rating if you want. Keep visiting this page to see how far we are progressing towards our target, and to read reviews submitted by fellow pupils and Bingley staff.

Remember, reading is not just about stuffy text books - reading for pleasure is fun!

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Recent reviews

Tiger Wars

"This book was amazing and full of action and adventure."

Ehsan Siddique, Year 8


"Really detailed with lots of imagery. Easy to imagine you're in the shoes of the character."

Sumaiyah Bhaiyat, Year 10

Welcome to Nowhere

"A powerful and moving story about the life of one family and their experience of the conflict in Syria."

Miss Shah

The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry

"Adventure about the race to uncover the secrets and treasure of the Knights Templar.
A fictional story based on facts that is a real page turner. This was the first book that I have read by this author, but based on this I will definitely be reading more."

Mr L Durrans