Bingley Grammar School

The House System

457D3S_4864-Bingley Grammar School has been operating the House System since the 17th Century and it is still an important part of school life.

Students are put into Houses on joining the school in Year 7 and compete in various house competitions throughout the school year. Each student wears a tie with their house colours running through it.

Team Spirit

The students and teachers all get behind their Houses and are linked through healthy competition and a sense of belonging to a team. The system particularly rewards involvement in the school's non-academic and after-school events, such as sports and clubs. We also award points for attendance and positive behaviour in school.

House Fridays

A weekly house quiz, based on topics such as Current affairs, literature and general knowledge, is completed in tutor groups and the results go toward the overall House scores. Whilst the quiz is going on, one member of each form in school is chosen to go to the Sports hall to complete a challenge. This can be anything from table tennis to wheelbarrow races (we have even had a Harry Potter Quiz in the past!).


Each House runs charitable events for their nominated charity and the amounts raised are often astonishing. The charities also come into school to give the students a real sense of what they are working for and to raise awareness amongst the students.


The house names originated from the wealthy benefactors that contributed to the foundation of the school, a brief history of them can be found here >>

House Captains

At the beginning of the year one boy and one girl from each year group are chosen as House Captains. There are also four teachers who have taken up the mantle of Head of House and organise many of the events and House activities. These are:

Mr D Swann Head of Wooller House
 Mr A Wilson Head of Oldfield House
Mrs H Bleasby Head of Milner House
Mrs A White Head of Sunderland House


House Competitions

The following house competitions take place throughout the year; and students have the opportunity to win house points. The house points are added together, along with points students receive for academic achievement, and the house with the most points at the end of the year will win the overall house competition. Click here for the forthcoming competitions timetable >>


Bingley's Best Dish


Bingley's Got Talent


Sports Day

Iron Man and Iron Woman -
fitness challenges for Year 10

Creative competitions
(Art/Photography/Creative Writing)

Science/Maths Challenges


Softball & Rounders

House Fitness


Move More Club